SAAC does Vegas 5

The weather was watched every day for a week and a storm was to hit us Saturday. We saw snow in the passes but this was the only signs of weather ever seen.

With Nellis Air Force Base next to the track the sounds of the cars on track were the lesser of the noise factors.



At the check in we opened car 6S174 and car 6S195 hood and did some comparisons on what each had. Len Boebel from Durango, Colorado owns the 195 car which he had purchased just a couple weeks earlier. Both are carry overs and the new owners were proud of them!



Saturday morning at the track the engines were running and tech was completed. The day was clear but slightly COOL.



To the track>>>>>>>>> We had near 50 cars that ran on three group levels. While the track was on the oval's infield and 1.1 miles long it gave all a challenge.






In the Car 11, I saw no less than 4 of the 11 cars, was Doug in his 6S1155 - 66 Hertz. Many of the cars had not been on track and all needed numbers..



The GT 40 was for sale and was looking good!!



Shelby had a nice size corral with his 4000, FIA and comp Cobras.







The Series 1 cars were into full production and a couple owners had then on the track.










This is one of the Cobra Challenge cars than was on the track with us.



This Original 427 Comp Cobra with full documentation was a REAL beauty!!!



Saturday evening we are off to the Race Rock Cafe on Fremont Street. This place is full of SPEED and the food was also good.






As you can see we took over the upper floor and filled it. Vehicles are suspended in almost all areas and the drivers of the vehicles in their suits are displayed throughout.


At first we questioned how all were to see and hear the program. Rick Kopec was the Assigned Master of ???????, Don Rickles got ill at the last moment, led us thru the program. Howard Pardee and Ken Eber were on their feet almost all weekend and gave a GREAT production in this SAAC Vegas 5 get to gether! Below is how the Cafe handled the audio/visual



Carroll Shelby spoke for a short time on Shelby American plans for future development.







Picture time with Diana and husband Bernie, former "R" model builder and Carroll






Looking very quiet ???? is Janet with husband John of the Orange County Cobra Club with Carroll.









REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY NICE!!!!! 67 GT 500 with 8 Webers atop the 427 engine.


67 and 68's were there in large numbers.








The museum has some very special cars in it!!!!







The engine compartment of the "R" car had the original look except overflow bottle



The line for Carroll's autograph was about a hour wait.







Doug and wife in back ground having a GT 350 poster signed.







When you get a Shelby and it doesn't have the creators autograph you must get it!!!!



The weekend was all but over and the smiles were every where. Pictured are Gary Giles, Carroll and Tom Henry 






Shelby's factory in the back ground. 

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