Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show

In 2013, the LASAAC decided to pay tribute to the legendary automotive designer who passed away just one year earlier and organise the Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show. Held annually ever since, the event celebrates the life, work and legacy of Carroll Shelby but it also supports The Carroll Shelby Foundation that was created by the celebrated automotive designer to provide financial support to children who need medical assistance and make education accessible to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Format of the Event and Top Attractions

The Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show has a festive character. As mentioned earlier, it is meant to celebrate the life, work and legacy of Carroll Shelby through the display of some of the rarest and most spectacular vehicles he designed in the 1960s as well as through a range of other events, activities and attractions for all ages and interests, of course, with a focus on Carroll Shelby and his cars. The event also includes good food and drinks, entertainment, Shelby collectibles and merchandise, and much, much more.


The Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show is open to all who would like to join the LASAAC and its partners in celebrating the life and work of the famous automotive designer. It is a free event which means that there are no fees or admission charges. However, the organisers encourage the visitors to make a donation to The Carroll Shelby Donation and by doing so, help disadvantaged children get quality education and enable the youngster suffering from life-threatening conditions to get the best treatment.


The event is traditionally held at the Carroll Shelby Foundation in Gardenia, California.

About The Carroll Shelby Foundation

The Carroll Shelby Foundation was founded by the famous automotive designer himself with an aim to help children in need of medical assistance and improve educational opportunities for youngsters from disadvantaged families. Over the years, Shelby’s Foundation has helped hundreds of children around the world; many of them received life-saving surgeries and organ transplants, and many more were awarded scholarship to continue education and take part in various automotive training programmes.