Goals, Mission and Objectives of the LASAAC

Ever since its foundation in 1990, the Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club (LASAAC) has been dedicated to the same goals, mission and objectives. For over 25 years, the non-for-profit organisation with the seat in the coastal city of Manhattan Beach in California has been committed to keeping the legend of the Shelby American alive by organising various events, meetings and conventions as well as by providing information, advice and support on anything related to the Shelby American.

The Legend Lives On

Though the last Carroll Shelby-designed car was built in 1970, the brand has never stopped impressing automotive enthusiasts. On the contrary, as the years passed by, the brand began to attract even more attention, soon gaining the status of an icon. And organisations such as the LASAAC have been created to pay a tribute to the iconic cars as well as to promote their preservation - both physically and symbolically.

The above mentioned objective is achieved by hosting a range of happenings and events which enable the Shelby American owners not only to show their vehicles, enjoy themselves and take part in a wide range of automotive activities. They also enable the Shelby owners to get first-hand information about things such as how to keep their vehicles in top condition and learn a lot of interesting things about the legendary cars from former racing drivers, mechanics specialised into maintaining and repairing Shelbys, and some of the greatest names associated with the iconic cars in one way or another. On the one hand, events organised by the LASAAC thus promote the preservation of the Shelby American by keeping its legend alive and on the other, helping its owners get the necessary information and contacts to keep their Shelbys as close to „mint condition“ as possible.

Results Exceeding All Expectations

The response to the LASAAC events, meetings and conventions over the past two and a half decades has been amazing. Also, the number of the club members has been growing steadily since the organisation’s inception. And with so many beautifully restored and maintained Shelbys being presented on LASAAC-hosted car shows and gatherings, the organisation is more than successfully meeting all its goals, mission and objectives - making sure that the legend lives on in every aspect.