Huntington Beach Coucours

This picture is a very good start for this presentation! Bob Shaw orchestrated the second half of the Huntington Beach Show by bringing together the Original Shelby Employees for the forth time. While he may seem alone here...he found K & N Filters as a sponsor, arranged for "One Big Tent", and Shelby American Enterprises for good food and  filled the tent with FRIENDS and FAMILY as seen below.

Shelby American Enterprises brought the Goodyear truck bearing a McClusky Daytona Coupe 

While the man wasn't an employee he has become a member of their group through his efforts!!!

"The Pit" area of the Shelby group.

LEMAN Start/Finish line, set up by Gary Giles, with some of the past style cars that raced there.

Pictured at the Start line is Car #12. This is a 1 of 5 FIA Cobra Roadster owned and raced by Phil Galant. This car is a is racing history and yet it is as new in appearance! 

Mike Davis's Trans Am Cars. This was a blending of Original vintage racer with today's newer "Hi-Tech" even more power to the pavement RACER. Mike started racing with the LA Shelby Club and has done well and stepped up to current  Trans Am cars.


"Real Cobra" row with Dick Smith's 198 up front.

The Tigers had a beautiful showing.

These Cobras are replicas but there were no lemons in the crowd!!

The group of 67 - 69 Shelby's were in a "Class of their own".

This was a Concours Show and Ferrari being the co-warrior they were out in style and beauty.

 The representation in all class was extreme as you will see continuing.

Bentley and Rolls?

Cadillac and Buick??

And the Packard "Woodie" This car was a real "Land Yacht"

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