History of the LASAAC

The Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club, commonly known under the abbreviation of the LASAAC is one of the oldest automobile club in the United States which is all about the Shelby American. It may not be as old (or big) as its parent organisation - the Shelby American Automobile Club or the SAAC, however, it has been promoting, presenting and helping preserve the iconic vehicles for more than two and a half decades.

The Foundation

The LASAAC was founded in 1990 as a non-for-profit organisation with an aim to help the Shelby American owners and enthusiasts come together, exchange information, present their vehicles, enjoy various automotive events including car shows and open track events, meet the former Shelby American drivers, designers, mechanics, etc. Over the years, many events, such as the Tony Sousa Car Show for instance, have grown into major annual gatherings and conventions attracting huge numbers of people who share a passion for the vehicles that were designed or influenced by the legendary Carroll Shelby.

The LASAAC’s Work in the Past 25 Years

From its foundation to the present-day, the LASAAC has remained true to its original goal and purpose; that is to help preserve the surviving Shelby American cars, explore history and legacy of the brand, and the last but not the least important, make the vehicles even more enjoyable for their owners by organising various Shelby American inspired events. These enable the proud owners to show their vehicles to the wider public, take part of various automotive activities, learn useful information about the Shelby American from the the experts and much, much more.

Open to All Who Are Passionate About the Shelby American

The LASAAC and its events are open to all who are passionate about the Shelby American. In other words, the LASAAC is also happy to accept members who don’t own a Shelby American or Carroll Shelby-inspired vehicle. The only condition to become a member of the LASAAC is the passion. The same counts for automotive events that are organised by the LASAAC. Just like the organisation itself, these are open to all who are enthusiastic about the iconic vehicles and would like to learn more from first hand.