LASAAC News and Events

To keep its members well informed about the upcoming events, meetings, car shows, and other things that may be of interest to the Shelby American car owners and admirers, the LASAAC regularly sends out newsletters to its members who can also find the latest news and important information at the club’s website.

In order to continue to promote preservation of the Shelby American vehicles, provide its members with easy access to relevant information about Shelbys’ maintenance, restoration, care, etc. and enable the Shelby American car owners and enthusiasts to meet their fellow Shelby admirers as well as authorities on the iconic vehicles, the LASAAC also weekly holds club meetings and organises various events. Open to all members, many of the LASAAC-organised events are also open to the general public including non-members. Some of the most popular and visited ones include:

  • Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show. First held in 2013, one year after Carroll Shelby has passed away, the Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show has grown into an annual event which besides a car show featuring some of the most spectacular Shelbys ever built also includes food and drinks, entertainment, various special guests and more. The event is held at the Carroll Shelby Foundation in Gardena and is free of charge for all visitors. However, donations are accepted for the benefit of the Foundation.

  • Tony Sousa Car Show. Held annually since 2005, the Tony Sousa Car Show is one of the largest and most visited events organised by the LASAAC. Held traditionally at the Santa Monica Pier, the event attracts huge crowds of visitors who come to admire the Carroll Shelby’s legendary vehicles and enjoy themselves. But they also come to honour Tony Sousa, a devote Shelby American owner and enthusiast, and an active SAAC member virtually from its creation.

The club also organises various special events such as fund-raising race at the Willow Springs International Motorsports Park which also hosted the 50th Anniversary of the Shelby GT350R which was celebrated in February 2015. Once a month, the LASAAC also holds a meeting at Check Point Automotive in West Los Angeles but it is a members-only event.