SAAC 27 at California Speedway 


The  weather was to be very HOT and the track  very hard on the drivers and cars. Well.....the temps were in the 80's with a slight breeze all weekend and the track!!!   It  was a blast!!! Smooth, long and fast.


Shelby American was there with many Cobras. One stood out as it was a completely polished aluminum bodied model!! The new supercharged 427 engines with Paxton or Vortech huffers were both beautiful and ULTRA Hi-HP.





Below we see Rick Kopec....He has been blamed for MANY things, some true, some not. In this case he is GUILTY of putting on a great convention and doing it on the WEST Coast. The Nor-Cal  and Orange County Cobra Clubs helped greatly with the organizational items but Rick, Howard and Ken did the base work organizing and put on a GOOD SHOW! Thanks!!!!!!!

Our worker "BEE" VP Bob Shaw put on another Employees Renunion that even he will have difficulty topping! The Shelby employee luncheon and autograph session was a REAL hit. The employees put up with the extremely long lines and autographed their hearts out. Linda "Ms Hurst" Vaughn was there with her GREAT Southern drawl. (got ya!)  

Carroll Shelby had been out to greet the buses on Thursday and this helped to place him back into the hospital. Bernie called him on his cell, then at home, and he conversed with the full room in this manor. 

The Shelby gang got together for some track photos after the signing session and of course there was Shaw trying to work a deal on some Goodyear racing tires with Mr. Henderson.

The Cobra line up was impressive and colorful!!!

Club garage with a good variety for vehicles  68 KR, 69 500, 65 350 and one 96 Mustang Cobra.

Orange County Cobra Club had a good turn out!

This was the only vehicle to receive GOLD at the Concourse Show!! Steve Swenson's 1970 GT 500 Grabber Blue Shelby. The judging was tough as it should be...4 judges and two hours later you either made it or not.

How about the "original owner", "SURVIVOR" and Supercharged '66 GT 350!!!

The popular vote Car Show brought in over 400 cars. Above are a few of the '65-'66 Shelbys. Below The Rest....The Club received three placings.. Tony Sousa-2nd 65  GT350, Doug Blake 2nd 66 Hertz and Tom Henry 2nd 69 GT 500

Above are the '68's below '67's all sizes and configurations!












This Trans-Am racer was one of the rarer of the show cars!!!










The Preferred Window Coverings car with driver Greg Taylor was a real mover on the track. He fielded 17th position out of 50 something in the Vintage Race and moved up in the field against some big HP cars

In this shot we debated as to weather Boris or Manny were doing the passing??? Both made a great showing and left without any real problems.

This was one of the first times out for Frank Zizzo and after twicking the Webers the  1 Elvis car really ran well.





The Cobra race was a mix between "New and Old" with the Shelby Challenge Cobras and the Original Racers..

Dave Dralle drove one of the Beautiful and Exact Mike McCluskey Daytonas

This Cobra racer has seen MANY vintage races Don Lee's #89 car.

The oval after the chicane was a 150 mph + bank then dropping into the infield at under 50.

This pic was saved for last as there were a few minor problems but better to hit hay than concrete!!!!!

Pics courtesy of Eric Johnson, new 66 Shelby member, and Tom Henry. More should be coming from Randell our real PRO at the pics!!

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