Tony Sousa Car Show

The Tony Sousa Car Show is one of the longest running and most visited annual events that are organised by the Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club or the LASAAC. The event which has been held annually ever since 2005 was launched in honour of Tony Sousa, the secretary of the club, an expert on the Shelby American and very active SAAC member since 1976. He died in 2005, the same year when the LASAAC held its first memorial Tony Sousa Car Show.

Format of the Event and Main Attractions

Although inspired by a sad event, the Tony Sousa Car Show is everything but sad. Sousa’s fellow Shelby owners and enthusiasts honour the memory of their colleague, friend and an amazing person but they also enjoy themselves, showing their cars to the visitors, exchanging information with other owners, … Just the way Tony Sousa would like it.

Rare, beautifully preserved/restored and all polished up Shelbys and Cobras are without a doubt the main attraction of the Tony Sousa Car Show. Every year, there are also various special events and very special guests. Visitors of the Car Show thus had the opportunity to see and listen to prominent guests such as Bernie Kretzschmar who worked for Shelby when the company was at its height in the mid-1960s, the legendary racing drivers Bob Bondurant and Allen Grant, author, actor and photographer Tim Considine, former Shelby employee Peter Brock and many other prominent individuals with interesting stories to tell and valuable information to share about the Shelby American, its vehicles and their legendary designer.


The Tony Sousa Car Show is a free event and is open to all who like the Shelby American cars and related events.


The Tony Sousa Car Show is traditionally held on the beautiful Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, just a stone’s throw away from the spectacular Ferris Wheel, Pacific Park and a wealth of other attractions that make the double-jointed pier one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and locals alike.